A whale of a week! with strong wind and flat seas and a festival at our door step this weekend!

Wednesday 9th of June

This morning the ladies from “Life Without Barriers” a group caring for disabled people, were onboard for a bit of teamblow and light building, as we sailed with a friendly young Humpback whale for around ¾ of an hour. We sailed side by side and enjoyed each others company as the whale made its way North all alone, which is not usual behaviour…It weighed around 30 tonnes and was about 10 years old.

It has been a good week for whale watching since the official opening of the season last Wednesday. I just came back from the boat pumped up with energy from ocean wind. The Westerly was gusting at 25knots this morning,  we enjoyed good sea conditions as we sailed near the shore protected by the coast line. Again today we encountered lots of whales off thebwcmf Fingal light house.  It is now a regular meeting point as the constant flow of migrating Humpbacks has increased from day to day. This year we are expecting around 12,000 of them to travel on the “whale highway” just off the port.

Port Stephens is celebrating with the sound of country music this long weekend with its annual Blue Water Country Music Festival starting for 3 days this Friday night.

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