Best cruise of the week! Sunday 10th October 2010

Wednesday 13th October 2010

Yves Papin

A morning many of us will not forget for all the good reasons! This was certainly the best whale watch of the year and one of the best in our last 16years of whale watching… ! So what happened this windy, grey, Sunday morning?

To find cover from strong sea conditions and wind, we headed of to Cabbage Tree Island.  It’s a great spot to find calm water, have a bit of a break and watch the seals snoozing on the rocks as they come to spend winter and spring on the island.  It’s a wonderful volcanic Island, a bird sanctuary and its unique rain forest is always worth a look.

From Cabbage Tree we headed north and spotted a Humpback calf tailing. Calves become usually very active after being fed and this one was particularly lively! He was putting on a great show! Then out of the blue, not far away, two mothers with their newborns started an amazing display of double breaches and this action sequence stole the show… We couldn’t resist any longer, our crew and pic hunter “Didj” was getting frustrated, we had leave our single star and go for the best!

What happened next, I have never experienced before… As we moved away the little calf caught up with us and swimming at full speed breached a few metres away, one. two.. three… four…. five times! It breached constantly and so close just like a dolphin would! As we approached the two other mothers with thier calves we were surrounded by breaching whales!… Six of them!… Awesome!… The atmosphere on the boat is very hard to describe, people were jumping and shouting as the whales exploded in and out of the water!

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