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Nelson Bay Dolphin Watch & weather update 22/03/12

Weather: At the start of the Dolphin Watching week in Port Stephens this report would have said rain, rain and rain going by the weather forecast! However, the skies have been very kind this week, proved the weather man wrong and given us a week of mainly overcast days with a spot of rain and a glimpse of sunshine. We had a great sunset out on the $35 Seafood Dinner Cruise. The weekend forecast is actually looking great now with mainly sun and very light ENE – ESE breezes. As always, give us a call if you have any weather concerns.

Dolphins: Our special Wednesday crew member, Bev Stuart, has been on the iphone video again. She got this great footage that shows the Nelson Bay Bottlenose Dolphins riding on the bow of Imagine and having a great time. The green net you can see in the video is the Bow net. This net sits about 1 ft above the water and if you are sitting in it when the Dolphins decide to ride on the bows you are one lucky person indeed…… or like the girls in the picture, lucky people!

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Port Stephens Dolphin Watch & Weather 07/02/12

Weather: You could be forgiven for thinking we were approaching the winter Whale Watching season in the next few days! The swell has picked up offshore which does effect the snorkelling cruise, however the inshore conditions are still great for watching dolphins. The good news that the cooler Southerly breezes should only be around for two or three days and then the lighter North Easterlys will be back by the end of the week. There are tops of 23 degrees predicted for the rest of the week and already as I sit here in the office at 8:00am the mercury is sitting on 18 degrees. There is light patchy rain being forecast for the next week, but as always, give us a call if you have any weather concerns.

Dolphins: As always the friendly Bottlenose Dolphins have been carrying about their daily routine in the waters of Nelson Bay swimming, fishing, eating and of course taking time out to come and play with Imagine! A bit of overcast sky or the odd dash of rain doesn’t deter the dolphins from having fun, and once guests are onboard they find that Dolphin Watching is still an amazing trip no matter what the weather… You can still get close to the bow riding dolphins in the dry Bownet or see how close you can be to them in their own element in the Boomnet!

The photos we post with these blogs are always current photos from the week gone by and as you can see, there have been plenty of sunny patches and some great photo opportunities. The other interesting fact is that quite a few of our photos are taken from iphone cameras!

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