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Breaching Humpbacks and Mega pods of Dolphins!

27th September 2009

The whale season from June to September has been a great time for seeing everything that the Port StephensDouble breach waterways have to offer! We have seen just about everything on the bingo card so far: Humpbacks breaching, Pacific Common Dolphins in pods of over 1000, Little Penguins drifting about, Australian Fur Seals laying back in the water and on the rocks at Cabbage Tree Island and, of course, Sea Turtles, that Sandy Plankton says can reach over 100 years old!!!

About the only thing we didn’t get to mark off was Migaloo, we have heard that he was already up on the Gold Coast and he must have snuck past Port Stephens and Nelson Bay during the night on the way back down!common

So as October greets us, so do the Humpback mothers and their newborn baby whales! They are travelling in full force down the coast keen to “show off” and October is always a great time to mark of the wildlife Bingo card. We even still see some other species of whales as the year progresses like Southern Right whales, Sei whales and False Killer Whales to name a few!

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