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Could this Humpback Whale be Migaloo’s Baby?

Story by: LAURA SPERANZA The Sunday Telegraph – October 09, 2011

Picture: Damian Shaw Source: The Sunday Telegraph

MEET mini Migaloo – the baby albino humpback whale that’s been making a big splash off the NSW coast.

The playful calf, aged between two and five months, thrilled hundreds of whale watchers at Bondi Beach yesterday, as it passed Sydney with its mother on its migration south about 11am yesterday.

Lapping up the attention of one group of tourists aboard a Whale Watching Sydney vessel as it passed by, the youngster joyfully jumped out of the water several times as if to pose for the cameras.

While it would take a DNA test to remove any doubt, National Parks whale expert Geoff Ross said it was “highly likely” the calf was the offspring of the famous Migaloo – the world’s only all-white humpback whale.

Migaloo, spotted last Sunday off Cape Byron on the state’s northern coast, is now swimming past Eden, about a week ahead of Migaloo Junior and the mother.

“It’s a beautiful, very healthy calf,” Mr Ross said. “The chances of it being Migaloo’s are high. I’m very surprised to see two albinos so close together in distance.

“Even if you have one albino, it is very rare for the melanistic gene to be passed.

He said it would be Migaloo junior’s first visit to Sydney.

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Whale Watching video of Tail Slapping!

September 24th 2011

Passengers and Crew had a great Whale Watching cruise this morning when after about half an hour of waiting patiently off Port Stephens these two Humpback Whales decided it was time to play and put on an excellent display of Tail Slapping!

Humpbacks will use these giant tail muscles as a form of self defence against predators such as Orcas or Sharks but this was a great display of them using their tails for fun!

With the Southern migration starting up we can expect to see alot more videos like this one popping up, especially when the calves start passing by and showing off for the Whale Watch boats…

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