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Sick Humpback calf sighted off Port Stephens.

Friday 3rd June

Passengers and crew of two of the ports whale watch vessels “Imagine” and “Spirit” witnessed a sad whale watchintg event in nature yesterday. A small humpback calf clearly seperated for some time from its mother was labouring along past the entrance of  Port Stephens at 11am.

Barely able to swim and struggling even to raise its head for a breath, the barnacle encrusted calf appeared near the end. Both skippers of Spirit and Imagine spoke with National Parks and Wildlife Service Manager Mick Murphy about the possibility of its stranding somewhere along the NSW coast in the next few days.

It is generally understood that a Humpback calf requires its mothers milk for a full year if it is to survive. Whatever the reason for this calf’s seperation, it will die within days unless by some miracle it is adopted by a lactating female that has lost her calf.

This incident is of a different nature to the strading of sick Humpback Whales recently on the Western Australian coastline.

Later in the cruise two healthy Juvenille Humpbacks were sighted going north and an amazing feeding frenzy involving hundreds of Common dolphin and thousands of Gannets massing to feed on bait fish.

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Want to go Whale Watching this weekend..?

Whale Watching in Port Stephens has begun!

The Humpback whale migration has begun in force and since last Friday we have not as yet missed seeing a whale on any of the 8 whale cruises. According to the weather sites we use, the sea and wind conditions will be excellent for Nelson Bay and the surrounding Port Stephens areas for the coming weekend.

The whales have already been showing off with some tremendous breaching. On the very first cruise, Imagine was mugged (when the whales come right up to the boat) and the close up action hasn’t stopped there. This weekend has seen some very friendly whales and more breaching. On Monday morning’s whale watch, not only did we get to see the whales with the amazing backdrop of Fingal Island’s historic lighthouse, guests were also treated to some more spectacular breaching!

Lucky passengers on Saturday got to see the rare sight of a Minke Whale with her calf, as Imagine sailed past the islands!

All of our whale watch cruises start with a Dolphin cruise inside the bay with the friendly Bottlenose Dolphins. At this time of year we also regularly see the offshore Pacific Common Dolphin that love to come and ride the pressure wave from the bow of the boat. The afternoon cruise is proving popular, although it may be a little colder we are sure you will agree that sailing at sunset is worth it!

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Whale watch sightings and sea condition report 13/05/11

Imagine has had to postpone the 1st scheduled Whale watch cruise on Saturday 14th May due to bad weather. We will definitely be looking for whales on Monday afternoon and our 2pm cruise is a definite!

Whale Watching sea conditions predicted for Sat 14th & Sun 15th:

The forecast for this coming weekend is not good for offshore Whale watching activites, with strong wind from the South West picking up at over 30knots late on Saturday afternoon.  Seas are predicted to be huge from 2.5m on early Saturday reaching nearly 5m in the evening! Temperature will remain cool between 17 to 20 during the day but the good news is the sun will be shining…

Sea conditions predicted for Monday 16th:

The sun will be shining and the wind is predicted to drop completely for Monday afternoon Whale watching. The swell will be long and just over 2m,  so conditions will be near ideal to spot the first whales of the season! Air temperature will remain cool at around 19 during the day so we recommended you dress warmly.

Whale encounters:

Humpback whales have been spotted passing Jervis Bay on the 9th of April and passing Maroubra in Sydney the on the 18th of April. Some residents of Avoca beach on the Central coast also spotted a couple of Humpbacks on the 21st of April… This makes the chances of spotting the 1st whales off Port Stephens in May very high!

To find out about our Whale Watching cruises click here!

The Skipper’s HOT TIPS for Whale & dolphin watching:

TIP 1: If you have any concerns with weather and sea conditions you should always check in directly with Imagine Cruises. Imagine uses three main online meteorological sources in making our sea condition predictions plus we interpret local conditions that may affect the areas we travel to when looking for whales and dolphins. These weather channels are updated quite regularly during the day as things do change, so it is a good idea to check in. If you have any doubts, Imagines office is open between 9:00am and 4:30pm, 7 days a week and the number to call is 49 815 373.

TIP 2: Overdress rather than under dress, lots of layers is good and ladies, jeans are more practical than dresses but woolen tights are a great idea if you are wearing a skirt. Flat shoes with a reasonable grip is the way to go, no stilettos girls! You are going to want to be outside so big jumpers or ski jackets and beanies are the best.

TIP 3: If you have any doubts about how your tummy is going to stand up to a few hours at sea take a motion sickness pill. Imagine has them free on board but the best time to take them is half an hour before boarding or at the latest when you get on board.

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