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Whale Watching Sightings 04/07/10 – 09/07/10

Friday 9th July: Morning 9 Humpbacks, Afternoon 5 Humpbacks

Thursday 8th July: Morning 9 Humpbacks, Afternoon 18 Humpbacks

Wednesday 7th July: Morning 7 Humpbacks, Afternoon 2 Humpbacks

Tuesday 6th July: Morning 18 Humpbacks + 1 Minke, Afternoon 9 Humpbacks

Monday 5th July: Morning 3 Humpbacks, Afternoon 3 Humpbacks

Sunday 4th July: Morning 5 Humpbacks, Afternoon 5 Humpbacks

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Whale Story of the Week 04/07/10

Last Sunday the 4th of July on the 2:00pm Whale Watching cruise, 4th july blog1we were befriended by a group of 4 Humpback Whales off Port Stephens light house. They swam toward us, stopped around the bows of the catamaran, then feeling really confident they turned on their back exposing their large white bellies to us, lifting their tails so close they almost touched the boat… Then they circled the boat, went upwind and sprayed us with their breath while one of them spy-hopped just a couple of meters away. A moving experience for everyone onboard as the Humpbacks showed such  trust and peace of mind for Imagine.

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