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Whale Watching sightings 27/06/10 – 03/07/10

Saturday 3rd July:  Morning 2  Humpbacks,  Afternoon 4 Humpbacks

Friday 2nd July: Morning 5 Humpbacks, Afternoon 5 Humpbacks

Thursday 1st July: Morning 2 Humpbacks, Afternoon no cruise

Wednesday 30th June: Morning 14 Humpbacks, Afternoon 12 Humpbacks

Tuesday 29th June: Morning 9 Humpbacks, Afternoon 6 Humpbacks

Monday 28th June: Morning 2 Humpbacks, Afternoon 2 Humpbacks

Sunday 27th June: Morning 6 Humpbacks, Afternoon 6 Humpbacks

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Breaching Record blasted by a single whale!

Thursday 17th June 2010

We enjoyed the best whale watch of the season so far today, with 36 full breaches counted in a P6171760 cropsingle cruise. This is a record for Imagine as the breaches were all from a single, young Humpback Whale. The champion humpback was travelling with 2 other whales and is estimated to be around 7 years old. The  Humpback was spotted at the outer light house and constantly breached for over an hour until it reached Boondelbah Island 5kms north.

Another record for Imagine was in July 2006 when we observed over 76 breaches in one cruise but it was achieved by multiple pods of whales. During July 2007 we were breath taken when a pod of 5 whales repeatedly breached simultaneously! Luckily at the time, our cameraman friend and crew member Ray Alley was onboard to capture the unusual sight of the “Triple Breach” You can see this amazing display now on

Today Rick caught some amazing video footage of the 36 breaches and our guests could not have missed with theirDSCN8762 crop cameras! Leaving the whales after an hour of great entertainment, we then visited the colony of Australian fur seals on Cabbage Tree Island. We had a close encounter with a young female of around 80kg resting on a rock at the South Western side of the Island. We finally ended the cruise with a pod of Bottlenose dolphins engaged in amorous behaviour around ‘dolphin rock’ at the southern tip of Yaccabah headland. A great morning despite the cloudy sky and a bit of light rain!
Captain Yves

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Breaching Humpbacks and Mega pods of Dolphins!

27th September 2009

The whale season from June to September has been a great time for seeing everything that the Port StephensDouble breach waterways have to offer! We have seen just about everything on the bingo card so far: Humpbacks breaching, Pacific Common Dolphins in pods of over 1000, Little Penguins drifting about, Australian Fur Seals laying back in the water and on the rocks at Cabbage Tree Island and, of course, Sea Turtles, that Sandy Plankton says can reach over 100 years old!!!

About the only thing we didn’t get to mark off was Migaloo, we have heard that he was already up on the Gold Coast and he must have snuck past Port Stephens and Nelson Bay during the night on the way back down!common

So as October greets us, so do the Humpback mothers and their newborn baby whales! They are travelling in full force down the coast keen to “show off” and October is always a great time to mark of the wildlife Bingo card. We even still see some other species of whales as the year progresses like Southern Right whales, Sei whales and False Killer Whales to name a few!

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