Cold and crisp winter morning with the whales!

Thursday 1st July 2010

Every one was well rugged up this morning for what has been NSW and 4th July blog 2Nelson Bay’s coldest day on record in the last 10 years! The advantage of such weather is the quality of the light and the sharpness of the blow when the whales come up to breath. We encountered our first whale South of Fingal light house, along the Tomarree National park, surprisingly the Humpback was travelling fast in the opposite direction from its usual migratory path. We followed until we spotted a large pod of five whales and suddenly a breach… Then, in the distance another breach…!

The first group seemed really active so we tagged along, put up the sails and escorted them. What a great morning it’s been with the warm blow of the whales shooting high and clear in the morning light, playful behaviour on the surface and great tails up in the air before diving.

Our mate Rick from the office came on board with his family this morning and it was a great opportunity for his grand dad to witness a great show from the whales, from a boat, for the first time. Back at the marina every body cheered after a really good time, even the couple of guests from Singapore rugged up in my furry jacket who were not really prepared for this patch of cold weather!

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