Dolphin, cruise and weather updates 05/02/11

Sea conditions predicted for this weekend and the following week:

Good conditions for getting onto and into the water this weekend. A 5 -15 knot north easterly breezes and 1 to 1.5 to 2 metre sea is forcast for both Saturday and Sunday and pretty much stable throughout the next week as the winds stay in the northeast. Warm and mostly dry in the bay for most of the week with the possibility of the odd shower. High tide is around 10:30 on Saturday morning and dead low at 5pm.

Dolphin watching in the bay:

With a run of seriously hot summer days, the place most people want to be is on or in the water to cool off. Temperatures on land are consistently above 34 degrees C but on the water it’s at least 5 degrees cooler. Sea temps are now between 21 and 24 degrees and perfect for swimming and boom netting. The bay is full of fish and the dolphins are having no problem feeding. Imagine has a hydrophone on board and its fascinating to hear the sounds of dolphins hunting, a combination of bursts of buzzing echo location with background squealing from the excited calves that are learning to hunt with their mothers.

Snorkeling Cruise:

Offshore the sea is now warm and there’s been virtually no rain for several weeks now so in combination with the light winds and reduced wave action the visibility for Snorkeling is consequently quite good. Lots of different species of fish including a big Groper and even a few exotic tropical species that have found their way south on the warm currents. there’s even a turtle making regular appearances at cabbage Tree Island. The big blue drifter is getting a work out in the light winds and Lighthouse Cove on Fingal Island is once again a hot spot for snorkeling. has even made friends with a Banjo Ray.

Sunset dinner Cruise:

The daily dinner cruise has proven to be a winner both for families on a budget or couples wanting something a bit different than a land based restaurant. Remind your guests that they can have a swim before dinner so to bring the cozies and although we have some towels on board we don’t carry spare swimmers for the girls! This is a two hour cruise every evening of the week and we will run it until the end of Easter so long as the weather holds up. It’s at the best time of the day and we are usually the only vessel out on the bay and certainly the only one sailing, it’s unbelievable!??

The menu is BBQ prawns and Hoki fillets in Cognac sauce on a bed of mash and rocket with a crusty bread roll followed by French Vanilla cheesecake with berries! Kids have the option of Hot dogs if they prefer and vegetarians can have quiche and salad. $35 per adult $30 concession or $100 for a family of 4 is this a knockout price or what?

For those of you in hospitality who want to cool off at the end of the day and have dinner handled at the same time, grab a friend and your cozies and jump on board. It’s a 5:30 pm start and we are back around a quarter to eight. 10% discount if you are in the industry so mention to us that you are when you make your booking. If you have ticket books just write your own ticket and we’ll see you on board!!

PS: We have a licensed bar

Swim with Dolphins:

This weekend we have two swims scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday morning at 6am so anyone wanting to experience one of the most amazing interactive adventures with intelligent wildlife should check this cruise out:

The Skipper’s HOT TIPS for safe swimming and sailing:

TIP 1: If you have any concerns with weather and sea conditions you should always check in directly with your cruise operator, Imagine uses three main online meteorological sources in making our sea condition predictions plus we interpret local conditions that may affect the areas we travel when looking for dolphins or finding a safe anchorage. Imagine’s office is open between 9:00am and 4:30pm, 7 days a week and the number to call is 49 815 373 or 49 849 000

TIP 2: Although it’s warm at the moment it can still be cool offshore so take a light jumper of jacket with you as well as your swimmers and a towel. This is now the season for Blue bottle stingers so consider wearing a rashy when you go in the water and keep a good look out for those bubble like floaters and avoid them. Best way to treat a sting is by applying to the stung area the hottest water that you can bear on a towel for a good 10 minutes. The heat followed by a cold compress usually does the job( you can use a cold can of beer or soft drink the same way). Flat shoes with a reasonable grip is the way to go on board any boat, no stilettos girls!

TIP 3: If you have any doubts about how your tummy is going to stand up to a few hours at sea, take a motion sickness pill. Imagine has them free on board including safe ones for pregnant ladies and chewy strawberry ones for kids, don’t risk it, the best time to take them is half an hour before boarding or at the latest straight away when you get on board.

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