Dolphin Watch, Sailing, Snorkelling and Seafood Dinner!

Dolphin watching in the bay:

Meet the dolphins from the calm boom net or People enjoying a Boom net ridehold on tight for a wild jet net ride! Relax a foot above the water under sail in the dry bow net or give yourself a ‘titanic’ thrill at the end of the bow sprit! Imagine has very friendly crew, 360 degree views and we love to go Sailing when conditions permit.

Port Stephens has around 90 friendly resident Bottlenose Dolphins that live in pods of 4 – 12. We quite regulary get to visit with at least two different pods per cruise!

Snorkelling Cruise :

Dolphin Watch + Snorkelling (Formerly Marine Discovery, Sail Swim Snorkel)

With two Islands to pick from depending on Man underwater with fishthe conditions, Snorkeling is quite good. Lots of different species of fish including a big Groper and even a few exotic tropical species have found their way south on the warm currents. There’s even a turtle making regular appearances at cabbage Tree Island.  Lighthouse Cove on Fingal Island is once again a hot spot for snorkeling. Some of the crew have even made friends with a Banjo Ray.

Don’t have your own snorkelling gear…? Not a problem at all as Imagine carries enough Masks and Snorkels for everyone to use for free.

Seafood Dinner Cruise

The daily $35 Seafood Dinner Cruise dinner has proven to be a winner both for families on a budget or couples wanting something a bit different than a land based restaurant.  If the weather permits guests can have a swim before dinner so to bring the swim suits! We like to say ‘ it’s the biggest pool in town’. This is a two hour cruise every evening of the week and we will run it until the end of Easter so long as the weather holds up. It’s at the best time of the day and we are usually the only vessel out on the bay and certainly the only one sailing, it’s unbelievable!…..

So what’s the menu..? We have a set menu of BBQ Fillet of Fresh NZ Hoki and Butterflied Garlic King Prawns on a bed of Salad and Mash while at anchor. We then hoist the Sails to enjoy a slice of Cheesecake for dessrt while the sun is going down!

PS: We have a licensed bar ( No BYO)

Enjoying the seafood dinner cruise.

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