Dolphins heat up in crystal water!

Tuesday 17th January 2012

The Port Stephens Bottlenose dolphins have been fantastic to watch lately as an ubundance of fish schools have been streaming through the Myall River mouth.  It’s been wonderful to watch as the pods forage for Mullett and Bream against the shallow sand bars, porpising,  jumping, and tail slapping as they round up their lunch in a glittering fish bowl!

After feeding, the Dolphins think about the ‘survival of the species’ and the amorous behaviour starts! Not bad for everyone to watch as they are not shy and often spend more time on the surface and chase each other around the boat!

The best place to watch the Dolphins swimming along the boat is the boom net as you are immersed in the water close to them.  It’s one of the best parts of a Dolphin Watch Cruise but  for extra excitement and fun you can stay in the net for a Jetnet ride, when water slashes through the net in a torrent as the boat moves at higher speed.

If you like your fun but don’t like to get wet, the Bownet is your spot, where you might be lucky to be suspended a foot away from Dolphins riding the bow wave.

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