The Firetree & Dolphins

Josephine Cubis and Dale Buchan make up the Firetree and are two of the most talented musicians we have the pleasure of knowing and having onboard Imagine. Dale has been a supporter of Imagine, and more importantly Dolphins and Whales for most of his life, so it is always a pleasure to have him and Josie on board!

The guys are cruising down the coast for their 2012 National tour and after a ‘secret show’ for the Port Stephens fans and supporters they came out for a bit of rest and relaxation. As you can see from the photos the guys picked a great day for Dolphin watching and snorkelling, the sun was out, the water was clear and sparkling in the sun, an awesome day!

The Firetree have just released their brand new EP The Morning and it is once again a great mix of both Dale and Josephine’s vocals and guitar.

You can check out their website at for all their information. They also have a great YouTube channel and Facebook!

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