Great photos…. not of Dolphins!

Thursday 12th January 2012

Imagine gets to sail all over Port Stephens and around the offshore islands. We encounter Bottlenose Dolphins every day of the year and Humpback whales through the winter.

One of the great pleasures of taking people out to experience Port Stephens‘ waterways is some of the great photos that people send to us and some great photographers that we meet.

As you can expect we see alot of great pictures of Dolphins and Whales, but what happens when someone comes for a sail on a Seafood Dinner cruise..?

Imagine had the pleasure to take Susan Wang (Susan Wang Photography) out for the Christmas Eve Seafood Dinner Cruise where she captured these great stills. Susan has told us she is starting to get her business off the ground and after posting some of her photos onto our facebook page, we thought, ‘these are so good we’ll share them on the website!’  We are sure Susan will be out on board again in the years to come and we will look forward to more of her work!

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