Sensational summer!

15th December 2008

What a terrific summer it’s going to be!

The Marine Discovery is always a big hit. We have four Divemasters now, Jane, Hazel, Roger and Didj. It’s difficult to tell who has the most fun, us or the people we take summersnorkeling! I suspect Didj may actually be part fish as he can hold his breath for so long! Some of the interesting creatures we have spotted in the past include wobbegongs, banjo rays, stingrays and blue gropers. The Marine Discovery trips are usually to Cabbage Tree Island or Fingal Island. The scenery at both locations is spectacular.

Summer will also been busy with the Dolphin Watches, with several new additions to the local bottlenose dolphin population (they’re so cute) and of course the Sundowner Sail! Come out for a trip with us soon, you never know what interesting sights you’ll see!

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