How do you clean a 50ft Catamaran..?

After an awesome season of whatching Humpback Whales and their calves breaching and playing around off Port Stephens, Imagine is always ready for 2 weeks of relaxation! This relaxation for the boat results in plenty of hard work for the crew and bucket loads of  ‘elbow grease’ as they undertake a good clean and any minor repairs or improvements that need to happen.

Maintenance on board Imagine happens two times per year. The first is just before the Whale Watch season begins in May and the second is just before we hit the warm summer months in November.

The boat is lifted out of the water by a huge Hydraulic trailer that is attached to a tractor and placed on stands in the slip yard where the work can begin. During this time out of the water many tasks take place which include; Cleaning and re-painting the blue ‘antifoul’ on the bottom of the hulls (this is a special paint that is designed to stop seaweed and barnacles growing on the bottom of the boat), Polishing the side of the hulls (basically all ofthe white on the sides of the boat), Re-applying the anti-skid deck paint (this is the sandy looking yellow tinged paint that you walk on). This time we spent some extra attention on the Mermaid Bar, bringing out the lovely wood grain and also installing some propeller guards that were required for the Swimming with Dolphins programs.

If you have been on board Imagine for a cruise already, or if you are thinking of coming on board for a cruise in the near future it is always interesting to see what the boat looks like out of the water and knowing what kind of effort goes into keeping the boat looking so beautiful! To experience the freshly manicured Imagine on a Dolphin Watch,  Snorkelling or Seafood Sizzle at sunset cruise hit the book now button on the right of the page!

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