Imagine gets mugged! (by friendly Humpback Whales)

Wednesday 25th August 2010
Rick Reynolds

The Westerly wind didn’t deter 10 passengers who got the time of their life today as threeseal for 25th story Humpback Whales “mugged” Imagine!

We sailed with the Juvenille Humpbacks for about 10 minutes before they decided it was time for a closer look, and one by one swam right up next to the boat to give the passengers the time of their lives! If you look closely in the video, you will even see, what was perhaps the best part of the cruise, when one of the humpbacks decide to exhale a massive breath over all of us!

Cabbage Tree Island is still home to our friendly Australian Fur Seals and a huge female pod of Bottlenose Dolphins were patrolling Yaccaba Head and Providence Bay for fish!

A great trip was had by all and Port Stephens‘ headlands definitly provided a great backdrop for all of the pictures and video we got today!

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