Imagine Whale Watching Count Down: 6 DAYS TO GO!!

Beautiful Sunny Conditions this week with temperatures reaching 25 degrees on Thursdays & Friday. Strong wind from the West will reach our coast late Sunday, reaching up to 24knots during the night. Then quickly abating on Monday to nearly no wind at all on Tuesday the 15th of May. If the predictions are right the Opening of the 2012 Whale Season for Imagine Cruises is calm conditions near the coast, with longer swell further of shore and no wind.

This Week’s Encounters:

Humpback Whales have been spotted out of Sydney Harbor, on their way north towards Port Stephens. Few have already passed Byron Bay and are arriving in Harvey Bay. Imagine had the chance to spot a whale during last week’s with Swim with the Dolphins Charter. Spirit has spotted a Humpback near Yacaaba headland about a fortnight ago.

So everything is set for a great opening for next week!

10:30 AM Whale Watch: Imagine is defiantly setting Sail on Tuesday 15th for their first Whale Watch, as we have already prebooked passengers anxious to go!

2:00 PM Whale Watch: Due to depart for the second whale watch for the day, Awaiting bookings to confirm the cruise.

The Skipper’s HOT TIPS for Whale & Dolphin watching:

TIP 1: If you have any concerns with weather and sea conditions you should always check in directly with your cruise operator, Imagine uses three main online meteorological sources in making our sea condition predictions plus we interpret local conditions that may affect the areas we travel when looking for whales and dolphins. These weather channels are updated quite regularly during the day as things do change, so it is a good idea to check in. If you have any doubts, Imagines office is open between 8:30am and 4:30pm, 7 days a week and the number to call is 4984 9000.

TIP 2: Overdress rather than under dress, lots of layers are good. Flat shoes with a reasonable grip are the way to go, defiantly no high heels. Thick Jumpers and Jackets, Beanies and Gloves will allow you to enjoy the Whale Watch Cruise in Comfort.

TIP 3: The main part of the Whale watch tour is conducted in the open ocean and sea conditions vary from day to day and even hour to hour. PREVENTION is better than CURE. If you are susceptible to motion sickness or feel you may need remedies we strongly recommend you consult a pharmacist before any tour as there can be side effects if you are taking other medication or pregnant. In the case that you are unable to consult a pharmacist, Imagine offers motion-sickness prevention for free onboard before the tour, but pharmacists recommend taking them 1 hour before the cruise. These tablets are preventive but NOT a cure for motion sickness.

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