Kristy takes Imagine’s helm with Dolphins on the bow!

The sky didn’t look very promising on this Tuesday afternoon, kristybut the Aboriginal study group from Newcastle Uni were not going to be disturbed by a bit of rain! Everyone was really lively, dressed in our ‘sea salt’ jackets, chatting, interacting and enjoying themselves despite the unusual cold…

It all started when we left the marina…  Rocky, a young male dolphin showed up near the boat, leading us to a female pod of  12, but we couldn’t stay long because ‘Aunty Tia” (a very lovely aboriginal lady I met this afternoon), was pointing towards another group, much livelier,near Fly Point… we had to go! The Bottlenose dolphins were feeding in the strong current and were truely interesting to watch chasing fish toward the beach.

So… feeling lucky, we cruised on toward the headlands to sail downkristy Dolphin Jimmys Beach, toward a grey a sky where a lazy sun was supposed to set. (Jimmys Beach used to be a favourite place for Aboriginal camps in the old days before white settlement). We passed the rocky outcrop of Barnes, reaching the shallows of the Myall river near Corrie Island. We made our way home along the sand bars where another pod of dolphins were playing, and for the 4th time during the cruise they “rode the bows” cheered on by the crowd on the foredeck .

At this point I surrendered the helm to Kristy (who asked about 5 times if she could drive the boat!), she sat in my chair and took the wheel!

Roger and I, had a great time meeting lovely people, another hard day at the office…

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