Last chance for Dolphins + Snorkelling this week!


What a magical day today for Sailing, Dolphin Watching and Snorkelling in Port Stephens. Although the day started of a bit cool the sun stayed high and clear in the sky and warmed everything up! After heading out from the Nelson Bay Marina and catching up with the playful Bottlenose Dolphins, Imagine headed offshore for some snorkelling…

Pulling into Light house cove at Fingal Island the 2 metre water was crystal clear and the seabed was being lit up and the many species of fish sparkling with help from the suns rays…with a bit of a cool seabreeze blowing, it was a ‘dip the tip of your toe into the water first’ to see what the temperature might be?… All fears were set aside after a quick dip of the toe revealved a quite comfortable 21 degrees! Such warm water gave everyone the chance to meet the local Wobbbegong and Port Jackson sharks as well as catch a glimpse of a giant Eagle Ray.

To start the trip people were worried about getting into the water and by the end the crew had trouble getting everyone to leave the gorgeous H2O to sail home!

If you want to experience this cruise there is 1 week left to give us a call!

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