Last days of Winter in the Whale Wonderland!

Spring has arrived in Port Stephens! Imagine celebrated Southern Right Whale Breach 001the last few days of Winter with some excellent weather and exciting interactions with  Humpback, Minke and Southern Right Whales!

The Minke Whales have been following huge schools of fish along with tens – of -thousands of migratory seabirds. These include Yellow Nosed Albatross, Fluttering Shearwaters & Australasian Gannets to name a few. Of course, when the fish are schooling, the Pacific Common Dolphin are never to far away. We have had some great days with the dolphins swimming on the bows of the boat!

On Monday, Yves, Lisa and the lucky passengers were treated to a Whale Symphony! One Humpback Southern Right Whale Breach 002was singing for nearly the entire cruise and it was so loud and clear that passengers could even hear it without the use of the Hydrophone (underwater Microphone). Lisa said “It was like the entire boat was a huge microphone” she could hear it as she stood high up above the passengers on the spreader of the mast!

Tuesday morning’s guests were treated to some great Humpback Whale tail flukes. On the way back to the Port as we passed the Fingal Lighthouse everyone cheered as we saw the extremely rare sight of two Southern Right Whales.  The best was yet to come…As one of them decided to do a full breach out of the water about 70metres from the back of the boat!

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