Majestic Whale Encounters

The Best Whale Swimming Experience in Tonga!

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Have you ever dreamed of swimming with whales? With Majestic Whale Encounters that dream can become reality.

Every year from the end of July to October, Humpback whales visit the tropical nothern islands of Tonga. They migrate here in large numbers to mate and give birth.

In the crystal blue waters of Ha’apai we are privileged to enter the water with these majestic mammals of the ocean, interact with them and experience their world. We follow all non-invasive guidelines set by the Responsible Partnership for Whale Watching and Majestic Whale Encounters understands that it is an honour not a right to share their world with them.

Come with us to experience the magic of the humpback whale,swim with them in their world. Live your dream!

Protect and connect

At Majestic Whale Encounters our mission is to protect the worlds oceans and all thats in it and to convey our message to as many people as possible so that they may also find the ability to connect to these amazing creatures.

Majestic Whale Encounters has a very strong stance on the protection of both the South Pacific Humpback Whales and all living creatures that share our worlds oceans. We abide by the rules and regulations set by the Whale and Dolphin Conservation. (WDC)
We aim to run our trips with minimal impact on the whales and serve as a vessel for marine research and conservation. We have a responsibility to look after our whales and our oceans and feel very honoured to have the opportunity to educate others on this plight.

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