Nelson Bay Dolphin Watch & Weather 28/02/12

Weather: What a great weekend for Sailing, Dolphin watching, Snorkelling and Dinner Cruises we just had! (or if you are like me, fishing because I had the weekend off) Port Stephens will have a bit of a ‘mixed bag’ with the weather during the week to come, there is a possibility of some light rain through the week, although we don’t see it interfering with the dolphin tours or dinner cruises too much. Tops of 23 – 26 degrees this week and nice and calm offshore.

Dolphins: The bay is very clean now and offshore the ocean floor can be seen deeper and deeper. We often refer to this as ‘the visibility’. Needless to say the Bottlenose Dolphins have been easy to find this week and very friendly as usual. Frank snapped the photo of the little Dolphin to the right with his iphone just to show how close we see them! The dolphin in the picture is a recent newborn calf belonging to Cut fin’s pod.

Dinner: We have had great weather for the $35 Seafood Dinner Cruise this week and as we said it looks like a top week for it again. Don’t forget the family price for 2 adults + 2 children is just $100! We have also had a couple of great Private Dinner cruises with ‘Ebay Australia’ and ‘Wireless Anywhere’ this week!

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