Perfect days on the ocean!

Tursday 24th June 2010

What a great week, so many whales,  so many breaches as we enjoyed particularly goodwhale post 24 june sea conditions. Humpback Whale traffic is bottle necking off the Port Stephens lighthouse… It is just a matter of leaving the Nelson Bay and cruising along Fingal Island to find them. This morning we started the day with light rain but, with our covered foredeck, it was perfectly fine. With the whales migrating in force at the moment we took the time out to visit the volcanic chimney of Tomaree head land before heading to the ‘Whale Highway’.

We encountered nine whales during the morning cruise, then had constant breaching in tandem by 2 magnificent adults during the afternoon cruise. Cruising home we visited the colony of seals on Cabbage Tree Island. This volcanic island is part of the Tomaree National Park and a bird reserve. The Eastern side of the island is covered by an ancient rain forest of cabbage tree palms. The seals and island are becoming a regular place to visit after watching the whales on our way back to the port.

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