Port Stephens Dolphin Watch and Weather 26/01/12

Sitting here in the office on Australia Day and once again Mother Nature has proved the weather forecast wrong! What an awesome day, although I wouldn’t say the sun has officially made it out, it is not from lack of trying, and best of all… no rain. The next couple of days look to be good, I think the sun will be shining tomorrow, with the wind and perhaps some more rain picking up on Sunday.

Imagine’s white whale mascot ‘Migaloo’ left the front of the office this morning to celebrate the day with a cruise around the Nelson Bay forshore.

Despite a bit of rain at the start, this week has been excellent for Dolphin watching and we have had heaps of people getting into the Boomnet and then trying the new ‘Jetnet’ craze.

Have you lazed around and enjoyed the Dolphins from the Bownet on board, or enjoyed a quiet relaxing sail…?  and then thought, hmm something’s missing! Well a Jetnet in the Boomnet could be the thing for you!

We are always asked how is the dolphin spotting or  snorkelling during the overcast light rainy days? Well the straight answer is great! The Dolphins and fish are already wet, so they are cool with it…. you are going to get wet anyway and have fun!


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