Port Stephens Dolphin Watch & Weather 04/01/2012

Welcome to another great new year in Nelson Bay, we will try to keep weekly updates coming for the dolphins, snorkeling conditions, general weather and any other important info.

Weather: A bit of wet weather at the end of 2011 but for the 1st week of 2012 the weather is forecast to be excellent with temps averaging around 27 degrees. With such hot temperatures it is not uncommon to have a late afternoon thunderstorm here and there but the sun is always shining the next day!

Dolphins: As always the Port Stephens bottlenose dolphins have been great for viewing and still remaining friendly. Whilst there will not always be too much new news about these guys, we will never get tired of telling you how friendly and complex they can be as well as giving you some of our favorite interaction stories!

Snorkelling: Conditions have been excellent, the water temp is sneaking up from last week around 18 – 20. At the moment the Dolphin Watch + Snorkelling (Marine Discovery – Sail, Swim, Snorkel ) is booking out around 2 days before so do try to plan your days and bookings are a must!

As always the $35 Seafood Dinner Cruise is heading out to capture the best light of the day, we love people to try and book for this one before 3:00pm if possible

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