Rare Sighting… Pilot Whales in Port Stephens

Whale Watch Port Stephens Whale Watching Pilot WhalesImagine Cruises was treated to a rare display on Monday 25th June Afternoon Whale Watch Cruise. More then 50 Pilot Whales were sighted near Cabbage tree Island, moving through three groups of obviously agitated Humpbacks.Whale Watch NSW Port Stephens

Pilot whales usually travel in large family groups accompanied by calves and the males can grow to around 8 metres and are particularly susceptible to becoming stranded on the coast although exactly why this happens remains a mystery.

The animals named “pilot whales” because it was believed that pods were “piloted” by a leader. Pilot whales are mostly dark grey, brown or black, but have some light areas such as a grey saddle pitch behind the dorsal fin.  Adult females reach a body length of approximately 5.5 m, while males reach 7.2 m and may weigh up to 3,200 kg.

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