Recent Guestbook entries from July

Name: Deana, Bonnie, Rikki & Theo
Hometown: Sydney
Date onboard: 14th July 2010

Frank’s commentary was FANTASTIC! Great Whale action, thanks to the great crew!

Name: Vinod E.K.
Hometown: India
Date onboard: 4th July 2010

I was a part of this group on last Sunday the 4th of July 2010 on the 2:00 pm Whale Watching cruise. It was Great experience for me to take back home ( India ). The crew of Imagine they were so friendly and they simply Rocks!!
The 4 Humpback whales was almost there with us all afternoon and as explained by Imagine they were so friendly that They swam toward us, Then they circled the boat and exposing their large white bellies to us, lifting their tails so close they almost touched the boat. I have all this captured in my camera and will share the same thru Youtube Very soon..My special thanks to my best Australian friend Mr.Gary Moro in taking me there.

Name: Jessica
Hometown: Australia
Date onboard: 4th July 2010

Thank you to the wonderful staff on the 2pm cruise on the 4-7-10. A breathtaking experience truely beautiful, cant wait to come back!

Name: Penny Fergus & Mekelle Mills
Hometown: Melbourne & Newcastle
Date onboard: 2nd July 2010

There was a female being chased by 5 males so there was lots of shenanigans and the boys showing off! It was awesome, lots of fins and tails and huffing and puffing!

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