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Step into the world of dolphins & whales with Imagine Cruises

Imagine Cruises is a leading ecotourism company based at Nelson Bay in Port Stephens on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. The following articles and information are provided to help visitors to the region better understand the fragile nature of our (local, national & international) marine environment and what is being done to protect animals like the whale and dolphin as well as give an insight into these fascinating sea creatures.

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Dolphin Watch Cruise– Imagine was delighted to have publisher from Weekend Notes on the boat during April 2013, what a great article and review

Whale Watching in NSW Australia – National Parks located along the New South Wales coastline of Australia provide the ideal vantage point for whale watching – find out where to go to sight a whale and learn some of the rules for whalewatching in NSW Australia.
Article reproduced with permission – NSW National Parks & Wildlife Services

Protection of Dolphins & Whales – What is being done to protect dolphins & whales in Australia? Interested in becoming involved? Imagine Cruises of Nelson Bay in Port Stephens on the NSW North Coast of Australia are. Find out how…at the local and international level.

Dolphin Facts – FAQs About Port Stephens Dolphins – Questions and answers about the Port Stephens Bottlenose Dolphins on the NSW Mid North Coast of Australia. Find out more about these fascinating marine creatures…

-Port Stephens Bottlenose Dolphin PDF Around 90-120 Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins live permanently in the waters of Port Stephens within the Port Stephens – Great Lakes Marine Park, making it one of the most popular places in the world for dolphin watching. This is worthwhile to click on the Port Stephens Bottlenose Dolphins PDF, where you can see the identification fins of the most well  known dolphins of the Port.

Hip to be Humpback – Whale Song Study by Jane Hammond. This article first appeared in the August 2004 edition of The Veterinarian and offers a quick glimpse of contemporary research into the purpose of whale song and the effects of environmental noise on whales.

Whaling and Whale Watching – International Whale Conference (IWC)- Alaska 2007 – Australian Whale Article – Conflict intensifies between whaling and non whaling nations. Read Frank Future’s take on the IWC from the Whale Watching Industry perspective, Imagine Cruise Austalia.

Teens Against Whaling – Australian Youth Opposing Whaling – Australian youths deliver a wheelbarrow of signatures of 40,000 people petitioning for commercial whaling to stop. Read 17 year old Ayesha Future’s report on the International Whale Conference IWC 2007 Alaska.