The whale highway is busier as more whales travel North, this year something unusual is happening…

Whale Watch Sea Temperature

Monday 24th May 2010

The warm current has travelled further and increased its speed in a Southerly direction.  This pushes the Humpback Whales to swim really close to the shore.

Three new born calves have been seen so far since the start of the season.  So the question is:  Is the increase in the number of early births directly connected to the unusual warm water? We are on the assumption it could very well be the case! Humpback whales usually travel further North to give birth.

This Sunday was no different; we spotted a mother and calf just off Big Rocky travelling very close to the rocks until they passed the light house off Fingal Bay.  Sea conditions were excellent and it was a beautiful sight to see the pair bathing in the sun light.  camera phone and whalesThey quickly reached Boondelbah island, where a rather large adult joined in.  Their behaviour started to change as the trio seemed happy to meet.

They changed direction and headed straight toward us,  so close we had to stop the engine in case they hurt themselves with the propellers.  As we left the whales to head back to Nelson Bay we encountered a huge pod of around 200 common dolphins!

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