The Whale watching week that wasn’t!

Saturday 23rd July

Did anyone notice the weather this week..? The Nelson Bay Whale Watching cruise boats were tucked up in the safety of their docks for most of this week as the Port Stephens coast played host to some extreme weather conditions. But do not despair…!

We grabbed a screen shot from a weather site today that shows by Monday we should be back to some excellent Whale and Dolphin watching weather as the huge swell and seas and strong winds ease.

What do Whales and Dolphins do in bad weather?

Many people wonder what happens to the whales and Dolphins when the seas are rough..? Well the short answer is not to much at all! Like most animals, Humpback Whales and Dolphins are very well adjusted to their climate. The Humpbacks spend half of the year in the freezing waters of the Antarctic which makes them fairly comfortable in the wind and rain. Both Dolphins and Whales are born with and then continue to grow a warm layer of fat to protect them from the cold water. However I do suspect that like myself they do prefer the warm sunshine.

This week while most people were snuggled up in doors staying dry, the Humpback Whales would have continued their northern migration past Port Stephens. When the swell is larger, it is not uncommon to see the Humpbacks having a bit of a surf in the swell to help them along! The sightings before this rough weather week have been excellent and in this week to come we are sure the sightings will be great!

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