This Saturday 2nd June- National Whale Day

What is National Whale Day?National Whale Day

“Launched in 2008 by IFAW, National Whale Day is a celebration of the whales and dolphins that migrate to our coastlines annually and Australia’s position as a world leader in whale conservation.”

Imagine Cruises is officially opening the whale watching season this Saturday, to coincide with National Whale Day. Whales have already started migrating past the Port from early May. The numbers have been increasing with the highlight of the Northern Migration approaching in June and July with totals of 14,000 Whales expected to pass off the Port this season. Some will return in August, September, October and early November for their Southern Migration on their way back to their Feeding ground in Antarctica.

On the Northern Migration some of the Whales will travel over 9000km, to give birth to the new generations of Humpbacks, in the warm waters of the Coral Sea. Whale Watching Australia

During the Migrations Whales will encounter many dangers, so it is important to respect distancing regulation and make them feel welcome. The danger they encounter are mostly manmade, this includes Fish traps, Shark nets, strikes from pleasure vessels and increasing traffic of large shipping crafts.

According to IFAW: “Australians love water and if they can’t be in it, they want to be on it – in boats, on boards or jet skis. Recently we have seen a rise in incidents involving deliberate or accidental harassment of whales and dolphins in our waters, and injuries from vessel strikes.”

The theme this year for National Whale Day aims to encourage responsible behaviour on our waters around whales and dolphins by keeping watch. For the past 17years ImagineWhale Watching NSW Cruises has been interacting with Whales and Dolphins in Port Stephens, through our Eco Certified Advanced Ecotourism cruise. By respecting the Whales we have noticed we could better interact with them. Reducing Noises under water by carefully managing the engines or running on one, using the Sail as often as we can, keeping our distance has made the Whales more interested in us, enhancing their interactions.

Welcome on board Imagine to Celebrate Whale Day and the official start of the 2012 Whale Watch Season.

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