Whale & Dolphin Watch sightings 14/10/10

  • We have regular daily sightings of the Bottlenose Dolphins that live in Port Stephens
  • Australian Fur Seals were sighted from the 14th, 16th, 17th, 19th & 21st
  • Pacific Common Dolphin were sighted on the 18th

Sightings day by day:

Thursday 21st: Morning 2 Humpbacks, Afternoon no cruise

Wednesday 20th: Morning 5 Humpbacks, Aternoon 5 Humpbacks

Tuesday 19th: Morning 5 Humpbacks, Afternoon 3 Humpbacks

Monday 18th: Morning 12 Humpbacks, Afternoon 12 Humpbacks

Sunday 17th: Morning 8 Humpbacks, Afternoon 14 Humpbacks

Saturday 16th: Morning 4 Humpbacks, Afternoon no cruise

Friday 15th: Morning 4 Humpbacks, Afternoon 4 Humpbacks

Thursday 14th: Morning 2 Humpbacks, Afternoon 5 Humpbacks

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