Whale Season officially opened!

Wednesday 2nd June 2010

What a perfect way to officially launch the 2010 Port Stephens Whale Season! The weather was excellent as Imaginewhale tail season launch10 along with 25 guests and crew lined up for the sail past and then headed straight for the headlands with the ‘hot tip’ of whales just out past Boondelbah Island!

It didn’t take long to find the humpback whales and to everyone’s surprise we found not one pod but two! With a mother and year old calf ahead of us and two huge Adults to the side, we didn’t know where to look! The two adults came to the surface more frequently as they steamed ahead towards Broughton Island and seemed like the best choice for watching.

With only 2.5 minutes between breathes, there were plenty of opportunities for photos, with the best coming on the very last sighting, as with Broughton Island in the background, the whales gave us two  waves with their huge tails.header3

Imagine was  thrilled to have NBN News reporter Madeline Bond and a camera man onboard who caught the action and was able to get a great story on the News! (click the NBN logo to watch the footage!)

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