Whale watch of the week! Breaching record blasted by a juvenile Humpback!

Thursday 4th of October 2010.

Yves and Rick

The weather was not great this morning as we headed offshore. The one advantage we have experienced with this type of weather, that whales tend to breach even more with a bit of a swell! We didn’t have to travel far to encounter a couple of whales just outside of Port Stephens. As we changed course to have a look, another calf started to breach even closer to us, just 500m off Fingal Island light house… Why didn’t we see it before?.. It was most likely suckling its mum, that can last some time as young Humpback whales drink an average of 300 to 500 litres of milk daily!

Breaching is usually more frequent after calves have been weaned. This young one was a champion as it didn’t stop from the moment it started, not 10 or even 20 he kept going non stop! Until now the record of breaches by a single whale was 36 and this little fellow looked like it might get close. When he came to 33 and slowed down we thought he was exhausted, but after a few breaths he kept going.

The atmosphere onboard was supportive and of course we all cheered when he reach 36!….. Now, was he going to go further?… Yes he did and didn’t stop until 75! The record was blasted and even better for us, he changed direction and moved toward the boat for its last few breaches, so we had a real good look at him and his proud Mum!

Of course we had the cameras going so check out the video!

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