Whale Watch sightings from 18/07/09 – 23/07/09

Friday 23rd July: Morning  2 Humpbacks, Afternoon 4 Humpbacks

Thursday 22nd July: Morning  4 Humpbacks, Afternoon 2 Humpbacks

Wednesday 21st July:  No cruises all day due to bad weather

Tuesday 20th July: Morning no cruise (bad weather), Afternoon Private Dolphin Watch!

Monday 19th June: Morning 11 Humpbacks, Afternoon 20 Humpbacks + 2 Southern Right

Sunday 18th June: Morning 3 Humpbacks, Afternoon 3 Humpbacks

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  1. Christina

    Hi Frank,
    We’re locals and my mother was up visiting from Melbourne a few weeks back. We thought it would be nice to take her out on a whale watch cruise and were going to go with you but it was a bit choppy and showery, so thought the Moonshadow would be a little more substantial and rock around in the swell a little less.

    Took us a little time to spot a solitary whale – stayed with him for quite a while but he was just swimming along quietly and not doing much.
    Then 2 or 3 more pods were spotted around us, not far away, with some tail slapping and activity in the distance. Was so looking forward to getting closer and seeing them close up so was quite disappointed when the Moonshadow turned around and headed back in at 3pm!
    The Moonshadow left Nelson Bay marina at 1.30 pm and was back at the wharf by 3.50 pm – not even 2 1/2 hours.

    I felt that we could well have spent some more time with the whales, even 15 to 20 mins, instead of heading back early.

    I noticed Imagine not far away from us while we were out there and you returned to the Marina a good 80 mins after Moonshadow.

    As you charge exactly the same amount as Moonshadow, it’s not hard to work out who gives better value for money.
    I know who I will be going with next time ….


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