Whale Watching begins Saturday 14th May!

Welcome the 1st Whales passing off Port StephensNelson Bay. The Northern migration of 12000 Humpback Whales from Antartica’s feeding grounds to the warm waters of the Tropics has started. Nelson Bay is one of the best Whale Watching ports in Australia as the Whales migrate very close to the scenic volcanic Headlands among the largest group of islands off the coast of NSW.

Whale watching includes a bonus Dolphin Cruise, it’s a treat with more than 100 Bottlenose Dolphins in the bay. We expect to also meet with large pods of short beak oceanic Common Dolphins that like to ride the bow offshore. Over 8 species of whales, Australian Fur Seals and large flocks of migratory birds such as Yellow nosed Albatross can be encountered in the waters of the largest marine park in the state.

Sailing with the whales is the ultimate way to Whale Watch: It’s so quiet you can hear them blow!

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