Whale Watching sightings 27/06/10 – 03/07/10

Saturday 3rd July:  Morning 2  Humpbacks,  Afternoon 4 Humpbacks

Friday 2nd July: Morning 5 Humpbacks, Afternoon 5 Humpbacks

Thursday 1st July: Morning 2 Humpbacks, Afternoon no cruise

Wednesday 30th June: Morning 14 Humpbacks, Afternoon 12 Humpbacks

Tuesday 29th June: Morning 9 Humpbacks, Afternoon 6 Humpbacks

Monday 28th June: Morning 2 Humpbacks, Afternoon 2 Humpbacks

Sunday 27th June: Morning 6 Humpbacks, Afternoon 6 Humpbacks

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  1. Jessica

    Thank you to the wonderful staff on the 2pm cruise on the 4-7-10. A breathtaking experience truely beautifull, cant wait to come back!

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