Whales are coming!

12th May 2010

Humpback whales have now left the icy waters of Antarctica, making their way along the East Coast of Australia to thewhale blog1 warmer waters of the South Pacific. We have had reports that a few whales have already passed Cape Byron and have even been spotted in South Queensland!

With the approaching whale season in mind, the Imagine team was in great spirits early this month to prepare the boat for the planned to officially opening on the 15th of May. Enjoying great weather conditions we went out early this week to try our luck. We were welcomed offshore by very large pods of common dolphins enjoying the warm water and feeding on large schools of fish but we spotted no whales… We hope to meet with our first Humpbacks any time now, as we expect over 11,000 to migrate North through the offshore islands of Port Stephens between May June July and August this year. We hope that the change of weather expected for thwhale blog2e weekend will accelerate the migration and bring more whales to the ‘Whale Highway’.

Whale watch enthusiasts are covered by our ‘whale guarantee’ and benefit from a free trip if no whales are spotted. There has already been a lot of interest from the public to spot the first whales. Please contact us for the latest updates as Imagine will be going out as soon as the conditions permit.

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