Whales, Dolphins, Seals and Sun!

Port Stephens has had so many great days of Whale Watchingoct01whalesblow over the last 2 weeks, that it is very hard to pick 1 specific day for our ‘story of the week’!

The September sun has been shining and the Humpback Whales have started thier Southern Migration. There have been a handful of very cute and very playful Humpback calves travelling along with thier mums already! The calves routine mainly consists of drinking around 300 – 400 litres of milk per day and then…….. It’s playtime! Humpbackoct01whalesparkle calves are very inquisitive and very eager to learn all the tricks like; Breaching, Tail slapping, Pectoral Fin slapping and Spy Hopping! We have had a couple of great ‘double breaches’, when mum and her newborn have jumped simultaneously out of the water!

The whales of the week however, have probably been the juvenilles and sub adults. 1 trip in oct01whalesbreachparticular we ended up seeing close to 20 whales altogether with a pod of 7 coming right past the boat and giving us a great breaching display! Other species of Whales have also been sighted. We had a couple of trips with Minke Whales, Sei Whales and ahuge pod of around 100 False Killer Whales!

Common Dolphins are becoming a regular occurance nearly every trip and they are quite often oct01sealsharing fish with huge flocks of seabirds like; Yellow – nosed & Sooty Albatross, Australasian Gannetts, Shearwaters and Giant Petrels! This is a great sign for interaction on the upcoming Dolphin Swims!

Each week with the water becoming warmer we wonder when the last sightings of the Australian Fur Seals will be? All we know is that for the time being they are loving the sun drenched rocky platforms of Cabbage Tree Island and the little pups are becoming more playful every day.

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