Whales taking Port Stephens turn-off on the Whale Highway..!

What a week..! The Humpback Mothers and Calves have been on cruise control all the way down the North Eastern coast of Australia on the whale highway. For some reason, this week they have decided that Port Stephens is just to much of an awesome tourist destination to pass by without first poking their heads in to say hi!

On nearly every cruise this week there have been at least one pair of Mother and Calf Humpback whales either just between Tomaree and Yaccaba headlands, or, as happened on a couple of cruises, right inside the bay!

On yesterday’s cruise the whales were so far into shore they were just about crawling up the beach at Hawke’s Nest!

What does this mean…?

It means that Port Stephens is the prime spot for the absolute best whale watching experience, right now!

The whales travelling in so close to the headlands and islands gives us the opportunity on each cruise to “take a moment” and enjoy the scenery. !

Yaccaba Headland’s awesome display of Volcanic rock formations and caves is a great backdrop to watch the Bottlenose Dolphins, and this week, the Whales! Cabbage Tree Island is still playing host to a family of Australian Fur Seals and the pair of White breasted Sea Eagles are always flying overhead.

If you have the time, get to Port Stephens and book on a cruise. You will see and experience Whales, Dolphins, Seals, various bird species, Sailling and absolutely stunning scenery!

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